Being an open source project, Pop PHP welcomes input and collaboration from the community and maintains an open dialogue with the community. Pull requests or issues can be submitted to the appropriate repository on GitHub. Additional support and communication is maintained on the Slack Channel, Discord Server and on

Any developers can submit issues or pull requests on GitHub under the related repository and start a dialogue to discuss what needs to, or should be done to the code in the repository. Or, simply email the project directly by clicking the email icon below. The goal is have the overall project benefit and be improved from community-driven support.

Report an Issue

...or Request a Feature

If you found an issue with something, or simply want to request a new or enhanced feature, first check the component's issue tracker to see if an issue has already been opened to address the same thing. All issues are submitted and managed under the Issues tab for each respective component. Free free to discuss the issue on the Slack Channel or Discord server with others. If you're ready to submit an issue, then go ahead and do so. When submitting the issue, please provide a clear and concise test case where the issue has occurred, or in the case of a feature request, please provide sample code of the idea or concept.


Contributions from other developers are most welcomed, and anyone can contribute in a number of ways, whether it's improving or patching the existing code base, adding new features or simply helping with the documentation. Everything is hosted on GitHub, so when you're ready to contribute, simply fork the component's repository and work on it locally. Commit your work and push it back to your forked version on GitHub. Then send a pull request for your changes to be reviewed and included in the master repository.