Pop PHP Framework
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Pop PHP Framework | A lightweight, easy-to-use PHP Framework.


Be a PHP Ninja.

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Who can use Pop PHP?

Pop is built for users of all levels.

Some PHP frameworks are pretty complex and intense. They can intimidate the beginner and even confuse the moderate PHP developer. Pop can easily be used by anyone with any experience level.

Come one, come all.

Pop has a manageable learning curve to help beginners get their feet wet with a PHP framework, but also offers robust and powerful features for the more advanced PHP developer.

Why use Pop PHP?

Pop promotes today's standards in PHP.

Pop keeps up with the current standards in the PHP community. It's a fully object-oriented framework that can easily be scaled to accommodate an application of any size. Currently, Pop supports PHP 5.3+.

Lightweight and fast.

As previously mentioned, some PHP frameworks are pretty heavy, and that in and of itself can be a deterrent. All of Pop's many robust components and features weigh in at less than 2 MB.