Pop PHP Framework : A lightweight, yet feature-rich PHP framework.

Version 3.5 is here!

The Pop PHP Framework is a full application-stack framework to help facilitate the building and writing of PHP applications. It has many useful components that can be used within an application or as standalone components as well. The core component is popphp/pophp, which contains the base components to get started. Refer to the README.md file for examples.

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Composer & GitHub

You can get the latest copy of the Pop PHP Framework or any of its components from either Composer via Packagist or GitHub.


Or, if you prefer, you can download a complete standalone snapshot of the entire framework from this website.

Download tar.gz (295 KB) Download tar.bz2 (210 KB) Download zip (650 KB)


We welcome community input and development. Please refer any questions, input, comments or issues to Github.

You can view the docs here v3.5 | v3.0 | v2,
the API docs here v3.5 | v3.0 | v2
and the code coverage here.

A more detailed, in-depth website coming soon!